Middle School Engineering

  • Among the most critical academic disciplines for success in the 21st century workforce are those involving science, technology, engineering & math (STEM).

    Grandview Middle School offers a series of three STEM courses: Shark Tank, Design Squad and Gamers' Workshop.


Grade 5 STEM - Shark Tank

  • Grade 5 Shark Tank Skype call Students go through the full process of creating an invention:

    • brainstorming ideas
    • researching using Google Patents & talking with real inventors
    • drafting & building inventions or invention prototypes
    • testing & revising inventions to make them marketable
    • creating marketing plans
    • pitching ideas to a panel of “sharks” or potential buyers
    • submitting inventions to a national competition

Grade 6 STEM - Design Squad

  • Grade 6 roller coaster design Students design roller coasters and manage their own theme parks:

    • exploring the history of roller coaster invention & design
    • identifying safety components of roller coaster design
    • brainstorming, planning & drafting 2D roller coaster models
    • creating, evaluating and revising scale models made with recyclable materials
    • integrating roller coaster prototypes into computer design software
    • building & managing digital theme parks
    • presenting theme park designs to judges

Grade 7 STEM - Gamers' Workshop

  • Grade 7 video game design Students become gaming engineers as they develop original educational video games using Scratch Animation software:

    • evaluating & summarizing gaming trends over time
    • developing educational game concepts
    • creating animated “sprites” multi-level game settings
    • demonstrating, evaluating & revising games with marketed audience test group (primary school students)
    • summarizing & justifying game elements to a judging panel

Middle School Engineering Electives