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    Westonka Foodies annual Angel Fund Drive starts November 11, 2019 and runs through December 31, 2019. A few years ago, Westonka Foodies staff started a fund called the Angel Fund.  Every year since, community members generously donated because they see the struggles some of the Westonka students go through due to financial and personal difficulties in their families.  This fund is used to pay for breakfast and lunch meal account charges for students who may otherwise go without. 

    The goal of the Angel Fund this year is to raise $6,500 to provide fresh, healthy food for the children described above.  

    I wish I could report to you today that we have no students in such dire circumstances this year, but unfortunately the number is still very large. Over 350 students have been identified by the school as children who may not have enough to eat on a daily basis. Let’s work together to prevent these things from happening. Please consider making a donation to support these efforts and pass this link to anyone else who may be inclined to do the same. Online donations do not include any transaction fees. All donations will be used to meet the needs of the children described above.

    All donations are tax deductible. 

    Thank you for your consideration, Laura Metzger, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Westonka Public Schools


    Your donated dollars help to ease the stress of children that do not have enough money in their meal accounts to eat school meals. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

    Helps us to help students! Donate to Westonka Foodies Angel Fund Drive Anytime during the school year!



SY 19-20 Westonka Angel Fund Donors
Bryan & Kimloan Sloss
Cathy Anderson
David Cameron
Erik Barickman
Lisa Brakemeier
Lynda Polingo
Mandi Scudder
Nicholas Karls
Sharon Corl
The Greenshields Family
Tiffany Skorey
Vince & Noelle Petersen
Westonka LaCrosse Association
Anonymous | Many Donors


SY 18-19 Angel Fund Donors
Alexandra & Thomas Gombola
Allison Brown
Alyssa Leyva
Amy Hendrycks
Andrew & Mackenzie Miller
Andrew Forsberg
Angela & Jason Alvig
Anne Rogers
Annie Nagengast
Arric & Rebekah Courneya
Ben Swanson
Brandon Elliott
Brian & Shelly Bullock
Britt Worden
Carey Stadick
Carlyn Schmidt
Cathyt van der Schans
Chris Weir
Christ Lutheran Church
Christopher Keyser
Darren & Lisa Dierbeck
David & Lois Van Dyke
Davie Cameron
Denise Olszewski
Don & Mary Somers

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