Westonka Public Schools 2014-2019 Strategic Plan

  • Vision: An innovative district delivering educational excellence

    Mission: The Westonka Public Schools is a collaborative community of learners that uses effective instructional
    methods, implements research-based curriculum models, engages and challenges all learners with high academic
    expectations and develops healthy social and emotional relationships.

    Goal 1: Personalize learning to improve student achievement across all levels E-12

    • Maintain safe, healthy, supportive and welcoming learning environments focused on inspiring and engaging students
    • Implement district frameworks—Professional Learning Communities, the Edge21 Technology Plan and the 21st century college/career readiness plan—to facilitate school improvement
    • Personalize instruction for each student, maximizing interests and abilities and creating ownership and independence
    • Offer high-quality, competitive educational, extracurricular and community programming
    • Effectively use assessments and data to ensure student preparation and success in higher education

    Goal 2: Ensure responsible stewardship of resources

    • Maximize and advocate for resources—finances, time, talent and facilities—to best serve our students, staff and community
    • Improve district facilities and infrastructures to enhance learning in all areas
    • Ensure fiscal responsibility and effective financial management
    • Increase student retention and enrollment

    Goal 3: Build pride in and around the district

    • Support proactive two-way communication with all stakeholders to foster trust and collaboration
    • Provide clear direction, expectations and support for all staff
    • Promote and celebrate student, school, district and community accomplishments