Secondary Art

  • "In my senior year, I took my first high school art class. I quickly learned how to challenge my comfort zone by thinking outside the box, and now that is the mindset I use in design every day." —Matthew Colianni, Mound Westonka High School class of 2007, B.S. in environmental design, M.A. in architecture, North Dakota State University

    Middle school art

    At Grandview Middle School, students continue to build on the foundations of art. Major areas of study include ceramics, portraiture, painting and drawing. In addition, students focus on planning, designing, feedback and reflection as part of the artistic process. Each grade level (grades 5-7) follows a different curriculum that includes the study of art styles and movements, known artists and techniques from around the globe.

    High school art

    Students at Mound Westonka High School take introductory art and drawing classes that build on skills taught at the elementary and middle school levels. The introductory classes allow students to continue in their 2D or 3D course options:

    • Drawing I-IV
    • Painting I-III
    • Advanced Placement Drawing & Painting
    • Advanced Placement 3D Studio Art
    • Photography
    • Advanced Photography
    • Ceramics I-IV

    Advanced & AP Art

    In seventh grade, Grandview offers an Advanced Art class that encourages students to create more personal art while they explore advanced techniques and mediums, including a final book arts project. In this class, students study the ways in which artists develop ideas and how art history influences the art that is created today. At the high school, students have the opportunity to earn college credit in Advanced Placement art courses.