Cultural Competency Plan Background

  • The Westonka Public Schools District Cultural Competency Plan was presented to the Westonka School Board May 3, 2021 and approved June 7, 2021. 

    The Cultural Competency Plan is a framework that includes a set of guiding principles arrived at through focus groups and feedback from staff, students, parents and other stakeholders over the course of the 2020-21 school year. The plan was written by Westonka for Westonka. Westonka students and their unique needs are the #1 focus of the plan. 

    The plan was created in an effort to help every Westonka child feel welcomed, safe, and achieve at their highest level. Work under this plan will center on removing barriers that stand in the way of this happening. Specific efforts connected to this plan are not yet established but will be brought to the Westonka School Board as they are developed.

    A portion of a federal Title grant funded the facilitation of the plan ($4,500), and the Westonka Healthy Community Collaborative contributed additional funds for the facility rental and food. 

    The Cultural Competency Plan is a continuation of the work and programs previously implemented that are student-centered and designed to support all Westonka students and their achievement at school.

    Since the approval of the Cultural Competency Plan in June, the district has engaged with parents and community members who have questions or concerns about the plan. Here are answers to some common questions: 

    • Westonka’s Cultural Competency Plan does not embed critical race theory (CRT) and is not associated with The 1619 Project.
    • The approval of the Cultural Competency Plan did not launch new curriculum or academic standards.
      • Westonka’s curriculum is based on state standards or other standards that include national and AP standards.
    • The Cultural Competency Plan is not politically motivated, was not created in response to any one issue, and was not influenced by any outside groups or agendas. 
      • The plan is data-driven and is centered on Westonka students and their unique needs.

    August 31, 2021