Westonka Public Schools District Cultural Competency Plan

  • Approved by Westonka School Board June 7, 2021


    As a school district, it is our responsibility to create learning environments that allow all Westonka students to experience high levels of learning across our system while identifying and eliminating barriers that prevent students from learning at their highest potential.

    1. Which student groups are excelling academically?
    2. Which student groups are struggling academically?
    3. Which students are taking honors and AP courses?
    4. Which students are participating in co-curricular activities?

    Creating a deep awareness and understanding of our Westonka students and their needs assures that the district is able to help all Westonka students learn at their highest potential while helping the district become aware of barriers that may be preventing some students from reaching this goal.


    1. Expect high levels of learning for all Westonka students.
    2. Identify and eliminate barriers that prevent students from learning at their highest potential.
    3. Provide staff professional development on the following:
      1. How to engage with students in topics that relate to diversity, equity, inclusion and current events.
      2. How to eliminate barriers in order for students to learn at their highest potential.
      3. How to ensure our school environment is welcoming and inclusive for all students.
    4. Review and implement hiring practices to attract and employ individuals that are qualified for job openings and reflect in their ethnic background the diversity of our student body.


    We believe that the Westonka Public Schools should be a place where all students feel welcomed, respected and can succeed at their highest ability. Therefore, we will create an environment of collaboration, empathy and one that values our diversity with a specific focus on equity and inclusion of all students. Through this work, we will:

    1. Ensure and monitor that all students have equal access to academic, social emotional and mental health supports within the school district and community by evaluating student data points.
    2. Identify and work towards the elimination of racism in our schools that effectively denies Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian students an equitable educational experience.
    3. Show respect for differences in race, ethnicity, socio-economic level, disability (learning, physical, emotional attributes), religion, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation in our school system and community.
    4. Examine and revise policies and practices that perpetuate inequitable conditions for students, parents, staff and visitors.
    5. Provide staff development to establish a shared understanding and consistency in our work with diversity, equity and inclusion.
    6. Implement curriculum based on Minnesota standards that is diverse in terms of rigor, subject matter and cultural perspectives.
    7. Create a partnership between the school district and community to create shared ownership of making our community safe, healthy and welcoming for all students, families and community members.

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