Westonka Gifted & Talented Services

Elementary Gifted Education Services (GATES)

  • Elementary Gifted Education Services (GATES)

    Objectives of the Elementary Gifted and Talented Education Services (GATES) Program are:

    1. Empowering students to challenge themselves academically
    2. Developing skills in logic and creative thinking
    3. Nurturing student self-expression and development of talent

    GATES provides opportunities for children in grades K-4 to grow and be challenged through:

    • differentiated learning in the classroom
    • independent studies (if applicable)
    • grade and subject acceleration (if qualified)
    • extracurricular activities
    • small group instruction

    GATES staff members provide curriculum resources for students and teachers, along with support for parents of students in the program.

    About GATES staff
    Dayna Teske holds a BS in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Math/Computers and an endorsement in K-8 Mathematics from Iowa State University. She came to Westonka after teaching in California, Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa, where she had accumulated 23 years of experience as an elementary classroom teacher. Mrs. Teske directs the GATES program at Shirley Hills Primary School..

    Teske also coordinates numerous academic extra-curricular opportunities and activities. She loves working with gifted and talented students, as well as students who participate in enrichment activities. She nurtures students' excitement about learning throughout each day, and enjoys helping students develop a lifelong love of learning.

Middle School Gifted Education Services (GATES)

  • Just as other aspects of the middle school structure evolve, so does programming for our gifted students. Grandview Middle School students have the opportunity to challenge themselves with several advanced class options as well as co-curriculuar opportunities.

    Advanced Language Arts and Accelerated Mathematics courses are available in grades 5-7. These courses are designed to meet the needs of highly motivated students who are developmentally and intellectually ready, have a very high ability and have the study habits necessary to be successful. The curriculum provides more rigor and challenge than the general curriculum. Teachers of these, and all courses have also been trained, and have resources for differentiating the curriculum to help meet the needs of students who would benefit from even more challenge. In addition, students have enriched course opportunities during their specialist time which can be found in Course Offerings. In 5th grade this option is Advanced STEM, in 6th grade Future Problem Solving and in 7th grade Future Cities.

    Grandview also provides many other enrichment opportunities available to all Westonka students outside of the regular school day, and in some instances, during the school day.

High School Advanced Learning Opportunities

  • As students move into the high school, challenging academic opportunities continue to expand. Mound Westonka High School students have the opportunity to take challenging academic courses which includes advanced/honors course options. In addition, students have the opportunity to take 13 different Advanced Placement courses along with two courses of university-level Spanish in which students can earn college credit. For students interested in engineering, the high school offers a 5-year engineering program using industry-level equipment and technology.