Testing Information


    The PSAT/NMSQT was offered to all 11th graders at MWHS on Wednesday, October 18th, 2023. Taking the PSAT/NMSQT is important because it can qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program and other scholarships.  


    The SAT is not offered at MWHS, but if interested, please visit the College Board website for dates and registration details.


    All 10th grade students take this assessment to measure college readiness. The assessment also provides information on future career options. The date for this year's PreACT is Thursday, March 14th, 2024. Scores from the PreACT will be shared with students during class and counselors will be on hand to help interpret results.


    The district ACT test is offered to all 11th grade students and to those in 12th grade who have not tested previously. The 2024 test date at MWHS is Thursday, March 14, 2024. It will be an online, full length, official ACT + Writing test that yields a college reportable score.  The District ACT is different from the National ACT in three important ways:

    1. There is a different registration process. We will work with students to complete the registration process through a WIN preadministration session in late February.
    2. Testing will take place during the school day on Thursday, rather than on a Saturday morning.
    3. The cost will be only $20. An ACT with Writing test on a national test date will cost the students $88. The $20 payment will be collected through Skyward Family Access Fee Management. A confidential fee waiver will be applied to all students who qualify for free/reduced lunch.  

    AP Exams

    AP exams are open to all students, not just those who have taken an AP course, so home-schooled, online students and others may take an AP exam for credit. Students who complete an AP course and/or take the end-of-course examination may qualify for college credit from postsecondary institutions, provided their score meets the institution’s credit policy.

    2024 Exam Dates:

    May 6, 2024 - US Government & Politics 
    May 7, 2024 - Statistics
    May 8, 2024 - English Literature & Composition
    May 9, 2024 - Psychology
    May 10, 2024 - US History
                           - Art Portfolios Due
    May 13, 2024 - Calculus AB/BC
    May 15, 2024 - World History: Modern
    May 16, 2024 - Biology
    May 17, 2024 - Physics I

    If you wish to opt your student out of these testing opportunities, or if you have any further questions,  please contact Anna Holappa our test coordinator. 

    School District 277 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, maternal origin, gender, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, age, family care leave status or veteran status.

    Services for Students With Disabilities
    No qualified person with a disability may be excluded from, denied benefits of, or subjected to, discrimination in any course, program or activity. A recipient may not restrict access for students with disabilities to schools, programs, services and activities because of architectural barriers, equipment barriers, the need for related aids and services, or the need for auxiliary aids. Section 504 and ADA Title II are based upon the premise that students with disabilities will be integrated with their non-disabled peers as much as possible. Recipients must locate students with disabilities who may be in need of support and services, determine eligibility, provide appropriate accommodations to include auxiliary aids, not discriminate on the basis of disability in classes, programs, and extracurricular activities to include recipient sponsored activities.