College Applications Process

  • Applications

    • Most college applications can be completed on-line and submitted electronically.
    • Common App can be used when applying to some colleges. You can find out if the school you are applying to uses the common application by checking the school website.
    • Please update your Naviance account to identify which colleges you have applied to.


    • If applying to a college through the Common App, an official high school transcript will be sent as a part of the Secondary School Report completed by your school counselor.
    • If applying to college through an institutional application, students must request transcripts through Parchment
      • There is a cost of $5 per transcript
      • You will receive email updates on the status of your requests
      • MWHS does not have access to your login/password information for Parchment once you create it.  Please record that information somewhere, so you have easy access to it.

    Test Scores

    • If you choose/need to submit college admissions test scores, you will need to do so from your online account through the testing website
    • There is a fee per score sent.
    • Many colleges require scores directly from the testing agency. The high school will not send test scores to colleges.

    Counselor Forms and Secondary Reports

    • Most counselor forms and secondary school reports are completed online by providing your counselor's email on the college application.
    • Please provide the email when inviting your counselor to complete a form on your behalf

    Letters of Recommendation

    • Complete the MWHS Recommendation Form and provide this completed form when asking a teacher/advisor/coach/counselor to write a recommendation for you.
    • Be sure to ask the recommender if they are willing to complete the recommendation prior to entering their email address.  Once the email address is entered, the recommender will automatically receive a request.  
    • Plan ahead– make sure to allow at least two weeks for the letter writer.
    • Write a thank-you note!

    Common App Tips and Tools