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  • Senior Class Party 2021

    OK Senior Parents...put on your party planning hats! We’re going forward with plans for the Senior Class Party, and we would love your help!

    These kids have missed out on so much, that if it's possible we wanted to carry on this tradition. For those who may not be aware that this was "a thing", let me explain. The idea was born out of a desire to keep the students safe the night after the graduation ceremony, which had the potential to be a dangerous night of drinking & driving. It has been going on successfully for many years (one of our planning committee members attended when SHE was a senior at Mound!), and we’d like to keep it up.

    The location of the party is kept a secret for many reasons:

    • To avoid students deciding whether or not to attend based on the venue, because the party is SO MUCH MORE than the venue. We’ve picked a place that has A LOT to do, but we add to the fun by bringing in more activities and holding raffles throughout the night, etc.
    • It has been kept a secret to also avoid word spreading to other grades, other schools and having people show up who are not a part of the MWHS senior class
    • To avoid any substances being brought to the venue ahead of time (students can be sneaky like that!)
    • To avoid students driving themselves 

    Students will load buses immediately after the ceremony on June 2. The party will run from 9-1 and then the students are bussed back to the school, arriving before 2 a.m. 

    "What needs to happen to make this happen??"

    I'm so glad you asked!


    We need you to register (and pay for, the important part) your senior student ASAP so we can start putting deposits down! BOTTOM LINE...WE NEED YOUR CASH MONEY.

    • Tickets will be $100/student until April 20
    • Tickets will be $125/student if purchased after April 21
    • Tickets will be $150/student if purchased after May 20 (Because we really need your dollars sooner rather than later)

    *We want all students to be able to attend, regardless of ability to pay, so if you need help with the cost of admission, please let Mr. Fischer, assistant principal, know, and we will hook you up with a scholarship!

    *Anyone willing to cover the cost for another student to attend, please let us know via the donations sign-up genius and then you can pay as indicated below!

    To Register, simply click on this link MWHS Senior Class Party Registration. You can pay electronically using the link on the registration form, then clicking “Senior Party” OR drop a check at the MWHS office OR mail to Rachelle Nordstrom at 5856 Sunnybrook Lane Minnetrista, MN 55364 (please make check out to FoMWHS and put Senior Party in the memo)


    We need you to DONATE for the following:

    • Additional FUN during the night (think entertainment, photos, etc.)
    • PRIZES to be given away during the night
    • TSHIRTS to be given to each student who registers
    • SCHOLARSHIPS for students who are in need

    You can do this by:

    • Donating cash money! Simply click this link and choose Donate Via PayPal (Please put a memo that it is for the 2021 Senior Party!)
    • Donating (super cool) stuff for giveaways
    • Reaching out to local businesses or family members to ask them to donate (super cool) stuff for giveaways or cold hard cash
    • Organizing a fundraiser somewhere (Culver's, Chipotle, Evereve, etc.)

    *Donations are more important than ever because we lost all of our fundraising opportunities due to this thing called Covid. You may have heard of it.


    You can volunteer!

    • Chaperone the event
    • Design & coordinate having the T-shirts made
    • Helping with fundraising & donations

    COVID-19 Protocols

    Since we can’t do anything without covering this topic, here’s what you need to know about it! Bottom line, all safety protocols will be followed. But here’s some of the nitty gritty:

    • Spacing rules on buses will be followed
    • Our group will be occupying at only 40% of the venue’s Covid capacity, and 20% of its normal capacity
    • There will be some outdoor space at the venue
    • We (and all staff of the venue) will be following the state mandated mask requirement
    • The venue is closely following the requirements and guidelines shared by the CDC, the Minnesota Department of Health, and local authorities.
    • Tables are spaced at least 6 feet apart
    • Regular sanitizing and disinfecting of surfaces (dining area, entertainment spaces, and any frequently contacted surfaces across the building)
    • Hand sanitizer available for guests

    Obviously, the choice is yours as to whether you and your student feel comfortable with her/him attending. We’ll do all we can to make it a safe experience, but ultimately, as with anything, there is risk. So that decision is up to your family.

    We hope your student will join, as we wanted to provide one last fun event for their class to do together!


    Your Planning Committee

    Rachelle Nordstrom

    Jenn Ryall

    Amanda Ficek

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