Saturday Detention

  • Detention Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm

    Detention Room: C121 -- All students must enter through the North doors

    Saturday Detention Guidelines

    What is Saturday school detention? The requiring of a student to remain outside of normal school hours as a disciplinary action or because of some misbehavior on the part of the student.

    Why is the detention process necessary? The detention process exists for the purpose of holding a student accountable for their misbehavior/non-adherence to school rules.

    What rationale exists for Saturday school detention? 

    1. Sports and activities are abundant at the high school and can be a hindrance to a student getting a detention served during the school week.
    2. Student/parent accountability for misbehavior. A Saturday time frame allows for students who have multiple detentions to serve them accordingly.
    3. School manageability. This process is more easily managed by administration/detention monitors.
    4. Transportation issues. Families can take a more active role in making sure their student is able to serve detention. Parent/student work conflicts are minimized.

    Times for students to serve Saturday detention occurs on designated Saturdays and runs from 8:00am - 12:00pm. School transportation to and from Saturday school detention will not be provided.

    Time/Process for Saturday school detentions: When a student is issued a detention, they will have two Saturdays to clear their time. All students must report to the Saturday school detention room by 8:00am. Students will then stay the required number of hours. Late students will not be admitted to Saturday school. Failure to serve detention will result in suspension from school. Furthermore it will count as an unexcused absence for the day suspended and the inability to make-up academic work.

    Saturday Detention Rules

    1. No eating.
    2. Earbuds and headphones are not allowed.
    3. Phones are not allowed.
    4. No talking
    5. No sleeping
    6. Arrive by 8:00am and enter through the North doors.  Late arrivals will not be admitted.  Students must come back the following week.

    Please bring a book or homework to work on during your work time.

    Failure to adhere to detention rules could result in hours served not being counted.

    Saturday school emergencies: If a student is unable to serve a detention during Saturday school due to an emergency, a parent or guardian must call Ms. Landon's voicemail (952) 491-8238 by 8am on Saturday identifying their student and the emergency.

    Valid excuse list: Illness, family emergency, out of town vacations, funeral. Parents/guardians must call before 8 a.m.

    Questions about Saturday school detention? If you have questions regarding Saturday school detention, please contact Marty Fischer, Assistant Principal 

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