What is W.I.N. Time?

  • W.I.N. (What I Need) time provides time during the school day when all staff and all students are available to connect and collaborate.

    W.I.N. is a  80 minute period, running twice from 1:30 - 2:10pm and 2:15 - 3:00pm every Wednesday and Thursday

    It is directly connected to our Grading for Learning Framework and will support the goals of this approach to grading. W.I.N. will create time for systematic, timely and targeted interventions for students in all grades.  

    W.I.N. time is required for students in grades 8-10. 

    What Options Are Available During W.I.N.?

    • Teachers provide offerings focused on relearning, retakes and missing formative and summative assessments.
    • Teacher rooms are available for subject-specific study.
    • During hybrid learning, flex spaces are not available but may be considered later in the year. 

    How Does My Student Know Where to Go?

    • On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, teacher offerings will be available and students can begin signing up for their WIN sessions for later that day.
    • By the end of the day on Tuesday, teachers will select students to lock-in; an email alert will be sent to students and families if locked-in for WIN. Students: be sure to note which WIN session(s) you have been locked into
    • Each week, families are encouraged to discuss academic needs with students and guide them to make a selection that is best for their learning.