Science Department

  • Program Information

    Graduation requirements are Earth Science in 8th grade, Physical Science in 9th grade, and Biology or AP Biology. One additional credit of science is required to be completed in your 11t​h ​or 12​th​grade year. Students must choose a full year of Chemistry or Physics.

    College Bound
    It is highly recommended that college bound students successfully complete as many science courses as possible. Some universities are requiring additional science courses. Check the requirements of your college to help select the appropriate science courses. A strong math background is recommended for all advanced science courses. Experience has shown that students perform better in college if Physics if taken as a senior.


  • Courses Offered

    Advanced Astronomy and Meteorology

    Advanced Geology and Paleontology

    AP Biology

    AP Physics I



    Earth Science

    Honors Chemistry

    Physical Science


    STEAM Integrated Physics

Science Students