Social Studies Department

  • Graduation Requirements

    • 3.5 credits or 7 semesters of Social Studies are required in grades 9-12.
    • Each student is to register for one course of Social Studies each semester except for 9th grade.
    • In ninth ​grade, students only take one semester of Social Studies, Geography
    • Students that take Advanced Placement Government in 12th grade do not have to sign up for Economics since it is embedded into the AP Government curriculum

Courses Offered

  • 2020-2021 Social Studies Courses Offered

    Advanced American History 10

    Advanced World History

    Advanced Global Studies 8

    Advanced Senior Economics

    Advanced Senior Government

    American History 10

    AP American History

    AP Government

    AP World History

    Geography 9

    Global Studies 8

    The Human Experience I (Psychology)

    The Human Experience II (Psychology)


    Senior Economics

    Senior Government

    World History

Social Studies