Mound Westonka High School Yearbook, The Smoke Signal Newspaper, The MCHS Newspaper and Memorabilia Archive

    The digitized collection of Mound Consolidated High School, Mound High School and Mound Westonka High School Yearbooks, The Smoke Signal newspaper, The Mound Consolidated High School Broadcaster as well as other school materials as available.

    Thank you to the Hennepin County Library collection for the digitized versions (linked) of many of the volumes of yearbooks. Volumes not already included in that collection have been digitized and uploaded from the Mound Westonka High School Media Center archive.




Minoway and Mohian Yearbooks 1923 - 1969

Mohian and Hawkeye Yearbooks 1970 - 2005

The Smoke Signal Newspaper

Mound Consolidated High School Broadcaster Newspaper