Opportunities to Address the Board

  • The school board provides a specified period of time during each regular meeting where citizens may address the board. Community comment/speaker cards are available prior to each regular board meeting for anyone wishing to address the board. Citizens are encouraged to fill out one of these cards if they wish to address the board.

    Community organizations that wish to address the board should designate a spokesperson and an alternate speaker. Comments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Each speaker will be given three minutes, unless extended by the board. Speakers are expected to present their comments in a respectful and professional manner.

About the Board Agenda

  • Reports from Organizations
    This section of the agenda provides the opportunity for board members, parents, teachers, and/or student associations and organizations to provide the school board with reports and updates on various committees.

    Consent Agenda
    In order for a more efficient administration of school board meetings, the board may elect to use a consent agenda for the passage of items of a similar nature or routine and recurring items requiring formal approval, such as approval of previous minutes, approval of staff contracts, or approval of various schedules. By using a consent agenda, the school board has consented to the consideration of certain items as a group under one motion.

    Discussion/Action Items
    The board will discuss predetermined topics and topics brought up during the meeting, and will take action on items requiring majority vote.