Google for Education

  • As the use of digital curriculum and the specific use of Google for Education becomes more prevalent in our classrooms each year, the district wants to assure parents that the protection of student data and student information is taken seriously. Steps have been put in place to protect students’ privacy while they are using the powerful educational tools provided by Google for Education.  

    Google for Education is a web-based tool that provides the following functions:

    • Online word document, spreadsheet and presentation tools in which students can work on school projects and assignments
    • The ability for students to work together virtually on school projects and assignments via the web
    • Online storage of projects and assignments, eliminating the need for flash drives to transfer work between school and home

    These tools will be used in classrooms to varying degrees to engage students in their learning and to provide more personalized and deeper learning experiences.  

    Student Accounts for Google for Education

    Student Accounts for Google for Education will require the establishment of student email accounts as a part of the student account set-up process. District administrators and technology staff have carefully considered students’ online safety with setting up student accounts to comply with online safety laws protecting children age 13 and under.

    The District will provide email accounts (required for account set-up) for all Westonka students, and students will be allowed to use Google’s email tool within our District domain. For students’ safety and protection, Google has outlined in its agreement with educational institutions its policy on student data and compliance with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

    Please see the Google for Education Privacy and Security website for more information.

    Restrictions for Student Google for Education Accounts

    All student Google accounts will be set with the District’s Google domain ( in order for district internet filters to provide student safety online, as required by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Only the District’s Google account manager will have the right to create student Google accounts.  

    For students using the email tool in Google for Education, every email sent and received through the domain (whether from home, school, public computer or mobile device) will go through the District’s filtering system. Students will only be able to send and receive emails from other Westonka teachers and students or approved domains such as .gov or .edu. We are taking this precaution to protect students from SPAM and from receiving emails from strangers. 

    If you have questions about your child having a Google account, please contact Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Mark Femrite at or (952) 491-8002.

    Thank you for your partnership and support of your child’s education with Westonka Public Schools. Our aim is to ensure that all Westonka students are provided with cutting-edge technology tools to increase student learning and engagement while we prepare students to be college and career ready by the time they graduate from high school.