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Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Westonka Wellness Committee is to build a culture of health and well-being by supporting students, staff, and families through physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and environmental wellness. 


    Westonka Public Schools Employee Wellness Program 2020-2021 Goals & Objectives

    “Soaring to a Healthier You”

    1. To increase health awareness amongst staff. 
      • Objective 1: The wellness program will focus on a different health theme(s) each month in order to provide a well-rounded wellness program and reach out to the various needs, interests, and risks of our population to include both staff, students and families.
      • Objective 2: The wellness committee will create a monthly communication that includes information on the monthly wellness theme/programs/activities and email to each Westonka Public Schools employees during the first week of each month.
    2. To promote healthy lifestyle behaviors through educational and outreach activities. 
      • Objective 1: Each month, the wellness program will offer programs/activities as defined in the program table for staff geared towards the health theme(s) of the month.
    3. To increase participation in wellness programs. 
      • Objective 1: There will be a monthly email communication from the wellness committee to encourage employee participation in wellness programs.
      • Objective 2: Each building will designate a wellness rep for the wellness committee. The wellness rep is responsible for attending monthly wellness committee meetings and communicating wellness materials to the staff in their building.