Special Milk & Meal Accommodations

  • Dietary Statement

    Special diet requests and substitutions apply ONLY for a participant with a disability that affects the diet. A License physician must complete and sign a Special Diet Statement. If you have questions regarding special diets for a participant with a disability, please contact, Laura Metzger, Director Food & Nutrition Services at (952) 491-8084.


    Milk Allergies & Intolerance

    State law (Minnesota Statutes 124D.114) requires a Sponsoring Authority of school meal programs to provide an alternative for a student with lactose intolerance if the parent has requested an alternative in writing.

    Please complete the form below if you need to request lactose-reduced milk for your child and forward it to Food & Nutrition Services. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Metzger, RD Director Food & Nutrition Services at (952) 491-8084.

     Mulu Milk

    Important Note: Juice or water is not recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education and USDA as an approved substitute for lactose intolerance. The currently approved substitute that Food & Nutrition Services provides is:




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