No Extras: Opt Out

  • All schools offer a la carte items which can be purchased from student meal accounts or with cash.

    • Students in grades PK-2 have access to only beverages; they will not have access to snacks.
    • Students in grades 3-4 will be able to purchase snacks and beverages if they have appropriate funds in their meal account.
    • No extra snacks or beverages will be allowed if purchases push the meal account negatively.
    • Families have the option of opting out of a la carte purchases at any time during the year.

    What should you know about customer spending limits in SY22-23?

    • We are asking families to start fresh with customer spending limits.  All customer spending limits will need to be set up, or reset in SY22-23.
    • Our food service software has only a few options for setting up customer spending limits:

    1) No breakfast (meals or extras during breakfast),

    2) no extras, or

    3) no use of the school meal account.

    • We are NOT able to set up a dollar per day spending amount, but as a workaround, students with limits can make purchases using cash.

    Important:  Families will be responsible for any charges on accounts for items a student self-selects.  In addition, school food & nutrition programs are not allowed to deny students meals (breakfast or lunch) if they are hungry, per USDA/Mn Dept of Education requirements.  

    • Be sure to talk with your student(s) about the limits that you have set up! Westonka Foodies staff are happy to answer any questions a student has as they move through the service lines.
    • Complete our Westonka Foodies Customer Meal Account Spending Form to set limits for any student you do not want to purchase beverages or snacks outside of regular meals.  
    • Once the form is complete, Westonka Foodies will make every effort to set up your student(s) spending limit within one school day of submission.

    Questions, email or call  (952) 491-8088.


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