What is Community Education?

  • Our mission is to enrich the lives of all community members by promoting citizen involvement and providing lifelong learning opportunities. Individual and family lives are enhanced through programs and activities that not only educate, but entertain, motivate and rejuvenate.

    Westonka Community Education and Services provides educational and recreational programs for students of all ages. Our program catalog is published three times per year (Fall, Winter and Summer). Catalogs are mailed to every Westonka District resident. If you are not a resident of the District, you may request a catalog online or by calling 952.491.8040.

    Enhancing Life Experiences
    Community education is an educational philosophy that stresses citizen involvement in the identification of community needs and interests. It is an idea based on the principle that learning should and does continue throughout life. Thus, educational activities, enrichment classes, academic courses, public forums, Adult Basic Education (ABE), adults with disabilities programs, parenting, Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), youth development, recreation, extended day, senior programming, and training to secure employment are all defined as components of community education.

    Community Education in Minnesota has three goals:

       1. To provide lifelong learning opportunities to all members of the community.

       2. To promote and develop community support of the K-12 programs.

       3. To build strong communities that allow citizens to achieve their greatest potential.


    Minnesota is recognized as a national leader in community education. Community education exists in all Minnesota school districts. Community education not only has an impact on local communities, it also affects the quality of people's lives throughout the entire state.

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