Grandview Middle School Musical

  • Matilda Jr.
    GMS Theatre is really excited about producing Matilda Jr.! The show dates are April 21 - 24 at the Westonka Performing Arts Center. Auditions for 7th and 8th graders are February 8 at GMS, 3:00 - 5:00 pm and 5th and 6th graders are February 9 at GMS 3:00 - 5:00 pm. We will meet in the GMS cafeteria and introduce you to the directors. Students will break into small groups for auditions. The audition is divided into 3 parts: acting, singing, and dancing. If you are interested in a speaking only role, we will want you to sing as well. We have discovered many singers who thought they couldn’t sing. Also, the ensembles sing, so everyone will sing something even if they don’t have a solo. Your small group will audition together and when your group has acted, sang, and danced you will be excused to go home.

    The cast list will be posted on Schoology the evening of February 9. When you register for the show through Community Education at, you will receive the code and log in information.

    Acting (reading from the script) in the GMS band room

    The script we will be using is on the website below.

    Select Matilda Jr., then Matilda Wormwood, and then you can print it out. That is what you will be asked to read with your small group. You don’t have to memorize it, in fact you shouldn’t, but practice reading several characters with some different voices and different characters.

    Singing in the GMS choir room

    You will be asked to sing one of the following songs (Naughty if you have a higher voice, When I Grow Up, if your voice is lower) 

    To find the music online: 
    On the right, click on songs and you can practice these songs by singing along with the track.

    Dancing in the GMS cafeteria

    Our choreographer will teach your group a short dance and watch to see who would be good dance captains and leaders.

    GMS Theatre has a nearly 30-year long tradition in Westonka and we hope the recent hiatus with covid only whetted your appetite for more middle school theatre! See you in February!

    Questions about auditions? Please contact Mrs. Kaercher at