School-Age Adventure Club

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    Adventure Club is the premier School-Age Care Program of the Westonka Public Schools!

    Adventure Club is Westonka’s leading before and after school care program for children in Kindergarten – 4th grade. Adventure Club offers a safe, nurturing environment staffed by educated and experienced professionals. Adventure Club is a balanced, high quality program which includes opportunities for recreation, social skill development, basic skills reinforcement and academic enrichment. Participating children have many opportunities to provide input into the types of activities that are available as well as the physical environment created before and after school.

    • Convenient—located at your child’s school during the school year. Allows for easy transitions for students from their school day to afterschool care and to/from afterschool enrichment classes.
    • Flexible—program options designed to meet the varying needs of families
    • Affordable—fees are affordable for families and include a light breakfast, snacks, and fun.

    High Quality before and after school Child Care is shown to...

    • Help children further develop 21st Century skills
    • Provide hands-on experiences that ignite passions
    • Improve academic performance
    • Provide enriching experiences during adolescence
    • Foster positive youth outcomes (collaboration skills, self-confidence, etc.

    Summer 2021

    Program Dates & Hours:

    Monday – Friday, 7 am – 5 pm

    Thursday, June 10 – Friday, August 20 (Closed July 1–2 & 5)


    Hilltop Primary School: entering K – grade 6 (through age 12)

    Program Options and Rates:

    *In order to remain in compliance with safety regulations amidst the pandemic the only schedule option for Summer 2021 is Monday – Friday. We appreciate your understanding so we can keep our groups consistent and all students and staff safe!


    Cost per child

    Entering Preschool


    Entering K – 6th grade


    $40/child registration fee is required at the time of registration. The registration fee includes a cotton field trip t-shirt, swim shirt, and drawstring backpack (non-refundable).


    • A cold breakfast & snacks are provided daily.
    • There is a possibility the school district may qualify to provide free hot lunch to all children. However, we typically do not receive this information from the state until late April. If we do NOT qualify for this grant, hot lunch will be offered by Westonka Food and Nutrition Services at the daily lunch rate Monday – Thursday for those who wish to have their child purchase a hot lunch. All children must bring a bag lunch each Friday.

    Youth Enrichment Classes:

    All Adventure Club students will participate in youth enrichment classes Monday – Thursday as part of their daily routine. Youth enrichment classes will run for a total of 8 weeks (4 sessions of two-week classes) from 9:30 am to 11:30 am for all Preschool – Grade 6 Adventure Club students. All Adventure Club students will rotate through a variety of enrichment classes throughout the Summer. Classes will focus on different enriching activities such as: art, science, technology, engineering, teambuilding, physical fitness, and much more!

    Field Trips:

    We will try and incorporate as many safe on-site field trips for each group on Fridays as possible. If we are in a place to safely go on some off-site field trips by Summer 2021 this will be communicated to registered families as they are booked. No staff or students stay behind on field trip days so please note that your child is required to attend the field trip with us unless they are picked up prior to departure.

    Registration Process:

    Online registration for Summer 2021 will open on Wednesday, March 17, 2020 at 8 am in Eleyo. All families may submit a contract for Summer 2021 on March 17. The following approval process will be used:

    • Registrations will be approved for current 2020 - 2021 Adventure Club families beginning March 17.
    • Any remaining spots will be filled with new families beginning Wednesday, March 24, 2021 in the order registrations were received in the Eleyo registration system

    Summer registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis and will be accepted in the order they were received in our online system. You will receive a confirmation email from Eleyo if your contract request has been approved. If the program fills, all families that have submitted a contract request will receive an email that they were added the waiting list in the order their contract was received in the online system.

    Registration will remain open until Friday, May 21 (or when programs have filled). Please note that there is limited space at all buildings. Register early to ensure a spot!  

    School Year 2021-2022 

    See our flyer via the quick links tab on the right!

2020-21 School Year Adventure Club

  • In-Person Model

    Adventure Club is currently running at limited capacity while our K-4 students attend school all in person. In order to keep consistent pods of 15, all families who choose to enroll in the program must be enrolled Monday - Friday both before and after school. 

    Both Shirley Hills and Hilltop currently have some select openings. Please call or email Child Care Coordinator Ashley Tupper if you are interested in a spot!

    Hybrid Model 

    On August 18, 2020, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) came out with a school-age care guidance and FAQ for the 2020-2021 school year, as there were many unanswered questions. Community Education programs across the state still felt some verbiage around who was eligible was unclear and asked MDE for further clarification. Below is the information we were provided from MDE: 

    “The school-age care for children of critical workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home, due to employment as a critical worker. The free child care is to be made available when the only parent or both parents in the household are employed as critical workers.”

    Under these guidelines, care on distance learning days will be prioritized in the order listed below: 

    1. Families in which the only parent or both parents in the household are employed as Tier 1 critical workers who work outside the home. 
    2. Families in which one parent in the household is employed as a Tier 1 critical worker who works outside the home. 
    3. If any spots remain families outside of Tier 1 will be added in the order registrations are received.

    As we have to keep our pods of 15 consistent we will only be allowing the schedule options listed below in the hybrid model. 

    "A" Day Families 

    "B" Day Families 

    Tuesday & Thursday DL Care

    Monday & Wednesday DL Care

    Tuesday, Thursday & Friday DL Care

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday DL Care


    K-4 Care Option



    School Day for a full household of Tier 1 workers (Distance Learning Day)

    9 am - 4 pm 


    Extended Day for a full household of Tier 1 workers (Distance Learning Day)

    7 am - 5 pm 

    $15/day per child (includes all hours listed)

    Full day care where just one or no parents are Tier 1 (Distance Learning Day)

    7 am - 5 pm 

    $42/day per child 

    Distance Learning Model 

    If the need arises to move to full distance learning families will be again prioritized in the order listed in the Hybrid model. 

    As we have to keep our pods of 15 consistent you would be required to register your child(ren) for Monday - Friday (regardless of if they attend all the days) in this model. 

    K-4 Care Option



    School Day for a full household of Tier 1 workers (Distance Learning Day)

    9 am - 4 pm 


    Extended Day for a full household of Tier 1 workers (Distance Learning Day)

    7 - 9 am

    4 - 5 pm 

    $15/day per child (includes all hours listed)

    Full day care where just one or no parents are Tier 1 (Distance Learning Day)

    7 am - 5 pm 

    $42/day per child 

    Registration Process

    We ask families who want care on distance learning days to pre-register in the system so we can easily toggle between models if the need arises. Even though the system will display the contract for the year for these models you will only be charged for care if we move to one of these models. 

    Pre-registration is now available in our online registration system Eleyo. We ask that you pre-register as if we were moving to Hybrid model next (you should only be selecting care for your child on their distance days). If the need arises to go to full distance learning your contract would be adjusted to Monday - Friday if you indicated in your registration that you would like to remain in the program should we need to go to full distance learning. If you are new to our system you will first need to create an account and family profile. Once your account has been created you will be able to register. 

    To register, click “Explore All Programs - Adventure Club - Register - Add a New Contract” and you should see the Hilltop and Shirley Hills Hybrid/Distance Learning Care now available. 

    If someone (or all) parents/guardians in your household qualify as a Tier 1 critical worker who is required to work outside of the home you must provide me with a letter of verification from your employer(s) stating your Tier 1 in person critical worker status. If your child(ren) attended our program this summer we are asking that you please send a new letter for the school year. Letters should be emailed directly to Child Care Coordinator Ashley Tupper at

    We will not be offering School's Out Days this school year. 

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