Westonka Chromebooks

  • Westonka Public Schools is addressing the changing needs of today’s students by transforming the method by which curriculum is delivered to students while personalizing the learning experience for students through Edge21, a preschool–grade 12 technology integration program.

    Edge21 includes a 1:1 technology device program in which students in grades 5-12 use Chromebooks at school and beyond the classroom to access curriculum, research information, collaborate and communicate with other learners, create projects and solve problems.


  • MWHS Chromebook Distribution

    Chromebooks will be distributed at Fast Start on Wednesday, August 21st for All MWHS students in grade 8-12.  We highly encourage families to pick up Chromebooks from 2:00-7:00pm on this date to insure students are ready to use the device on the first day of school.

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  • Chromebook Insurance

    Prior to Chromebook distribution all families are asked to complete the Chromebook Insurance Form Each student should bring a completed form to the MWHS Fast Start, GMS open house or the school's main office by August 30th.  Rates for insurance remain at $40 per student with a $100 cap per family.  

    The insurance fee can be paid online through Skyward Family Access or in person at MWHS Fast Start or GMS Open House by cash or check. Families who opt not to take insurance still need to complete the form and will be responsible for any repairs.  

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  • Chromebook Cases at MWHS

    All students are required to use a case to transport their Chromebook.  The district will provide students will a high quality durable case at no cost. However, MWHS student have the option of purchasing their own alternative case.  Students who want a case that better fits their style and needs will find a wide variety of case colors and styles.  The district recommends the following:

    • Cases that are designed for Chromebook 11-11.6 inches
    • Padded and water resistant.  The should be a case not a shell, skin or bag.  
    • Avoid purchasing cases with handles which cannot be removed for storage.  

    Here is a sample list of optional cases.  Gently-used school cases will also be available for purchase for students who damage or lose their original case for $5.  

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  • iPrism: Logging In at Home

    When using your Chromebook at home, you should first log in to your home's wireless internet connection. After that, you will receive our iPrism firewall sign-in. The log in format for students is the following:

    Username: FirstInitialMiddleIntitalFirst3LastNameGradYear
    Password: 00Student ID


    Here are instructions for the iPrism Login

    We also encourage students to use the Proxy Auto Auth Extension, which allows you to login at school and save credentials so you don't have to log in to the pop-up box.

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