Chromebook Insurance

  • Please review the insurance options and select which option is right for your family.

Option 1: School Insurance

  • All families are encouraged to purchase school insurance to protect the Chromebook against accidental repair costs.

    August 21, 2019 – June 2, 2020  Insurance Rate: $40 with $0 deductible ($100 cap per family)   

    Effective Coverage: Immediately when student receives their Chromebook if payment for insurance has been received.

    Expiration Date: June 2, 2020 or the day a student withdraws from school, whichever comes first. If a student withdraws from the Westonka Public School District for any reason, this insurance agreement becomes null and void on that date. There are no refunds once this agreement becomes active on the date the Chromebook is issued. Devices not returned on the date of withdrawal will be reported to collections for replacement cost.

    NOTICE: Caution Against Fraud
    Any person who, with intent to defraud or knowing that he/she is facilitating a fraud against an insurer, submits an application or files a claim containing a false or deceptive statement is guilty of insurance fraud, a Federal Offense.


    • Accidental Damage*: Pays for accidental damage caused by liquid spills, drops, cracked screens, or any other unintentional event.
    • Theft or Vandalism: Pays for loss or damage due to theft or vandalism. The claim requires a police report to be filed within 48 hours.
    • Fire: Pays for loss or damage of the Chromebook due to fire. The claim must be accompanied by an official fire report from the investigating authority.
    • Electrical Surge: Pays for damage to the device due to an electrical surge.
    • Natural Disasters: Pays for loss or damage caused by natural disasters.

    *Note: Students who have 3 or more accidental repairs in one year will be referred to the office. This referral may result in voiding insurance and/or a disciplinary consequences if negligence is determined.


    • Dishonest, Fraudulent  or Criminal Acts: Will not pay if damage or loss occurs in conjunction with a dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act.
    • Intentional or Negligent Damage: Will not cover repairs which are the result of intentional or negligent actions.  This includes, but is not limited to the removal of keys, removal of outer rubber, removal of screws and/or opening the device.
    • No Case: Students who do not use a case will be responsible for the full amount of the repair/replacement.
    • Cosmetic: Damage that does not affect the functionality of the device. This includes but is not limited to scratches, dents, and broken plastic ports or port covers.
    • “Jailbreaking” or otherwise voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by altering the software.
    • Loss: Families will be liable for any device which is lost by the student.

Non-Covered Items Replacement Costs

    • Case - $30
    • Chromebook AC Adapter - $25

Option 2: No Insurance

  • Families may choose to not insure the Chromebook and will be responsible for the full value of the Chromebook or repairs. Replacement or repair fees will be assessed for lost or damaged Chromebooks according to the following estimates:

    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook case is $30
    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook AC Charger is $25
    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook is $300
    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook motherboard is $130
    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook keyboard or palm rest  is $75
    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook screen or battery are $40
    • Replacement cost for District provided Chromebook hinge/video cable are $15-25

    Average repair costs range from $40-$90. Families who select No Insurance will be responsible for any damages to the District issued Chromebook and will need to pay for these repairs in a timely manner.


    All repairs to Chromebooks are done in district by our Westonka Tech Interns (WTI) program. Families are only charged for the replacement parts. Families with insurance will not be billed for repairs covered by insurance. Repair costs can be paid via cash or check to the media center in your school.

    All families must complete the Insurance Form prior to the start of school or before starting at MWHS or GMS. Insurance fees can be paid online or via cash or check (ISD 277) to the main office.  

    For more information on our Chromebook Program, please review the Chromebook information on the Westonka Schools website or contact 
    Jared Chapman, District Operations Specialist,