How do I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?

  • Few children will exhibit all of the traits below, but children who tend to be successful in kindergarten demonstrate many of them.

    Pre-Reading Skills

    • Identify & pronounce at least 15 letter sounds
    • Understand reading top to bottom, left to right
    • Tell a story by looking at a picture
    • Answer questions about a short story

    Pre-Writing Skills

    • Identify & write name
    • Identify & write all upper-case letters of the alphabet

    Oral Communication Skills

    • Listen attentively without interruption
    • Follow simple two- & three-step directions
    • Ask questions for information
    • Make meaningful contributions to the group
    • Express ideas clearly & freely

    Math Skills

    • Know basic 2-D shapes (rectangle, square, circle, triangle, trapezoid)
    • Understand concept of more & less
    • Sort objects by three characteristics
    • Identify & extend a simple pattern
    • Count to 50
    • Count back from 10
    • Recognize numbers 0-20
    • Write numbers 0-10

    21st Century Skills

    • Solve problems & come up with multiple solutions
    • Demonstrate a sense of curiosity for learning
    • Show creativity through art projects, storytelling, artistic movement, music & dramatic play
    • Work collaboratively with other students
    • Basic operation of an iPad
    • Basic operation of a computer mouse

    Physical Development

    • Hold & use a pencil with a three-point grasp
    • Follow & cut a straight line with scissors
    • Understand body awareness & spatial awareness

    Social/Emotional Skills

    • Share with others
    • Take turns
    • Follow rules & directions
    • Put forth effort with completing classroom tasks
    • Engage & focus on an activity for at least 15 minutes
    • Express feelings comfortably with peers & adults
    • Recognize & respect the feelings of others
    • Manage conflict appropriately
    • Assume responsibility for self & belongings
    • Show self-confidence
    • Adjust to change & routines

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