Wolf Ridge

  • Each year, Hilltop fourth grade students enjoy a week at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center along the north shore of Lake Superior in Finland, Minnesota. Students participate in hands-on activities to learn about nature and history, experience physical challenges in which they develop trust in themselves and others, and learn how to work together as a team. Some of the courses students may take part in include: orienteering, beaver ecology, adventure ropes, rock climbing, lake study, Voyageur life, animal senses, Ojibwa heritage, group campfires, and evening courses.

    Thank you for your continued support in helping to make the annual tradition of Wolf Ridge a success!

Wolf Ridge Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who pays for Wolf Ridge?

  • How does the fundraising work?

  • How much money should our family fundraise each year?

  • What if there is still a remaining balance at the end of the fundraising opportunities?

  • What if we are a new family to Hilltop?

  • What fundraising opportunities are available?

  • Can I volunteer to attend the Wolf Ridge trip as a parent?

  • Who do I contact if I have Wolf Ridge questions?