ADSIS Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the goal of the ADSIS program?

    The goal of the ADSIS program is to provide small group instruction to students who need additional assistance to gain essential skills in the area of reading and math.

     2. How does my child qualify for ADSIS?

    Students are recommended to be part of small group instruction through the ADSIS program based a variety of assessments including NWEA. Students that typically score at the 50th percentile or below may be recommended for ADSIS. Kindergarten students are recommended based on classroom assessments. Third and fourth grade students may also be recommended based on their prior MCA scores.

    3. What subject will my child being working in as part of the ADSIS program?

    Student may be participating in reading, math or both depending on the needs that are presented by each student.

    4. How often does my child receive ADSIS services?

    Students typically receive ADSIS services every day for 30 minutes per day. This time may be increased or decreased based on the needs of the student.

    5. Who does my child work with during their ADSIS time?

    We have five ADSIS staff members. Two of our staff are licensed teachers that help to manage the ADSIS programming and curriculum. Our other staff are highly experienced paraprofessionals that assist in the planning and implementation of the ADSIS materials.

     6. How is my child’s progress monitored?

    Student progress is closely monitored in the ADSIS program. Staff assess students every other week to determine growth. This monitoring allows for placement, movement or exit within the program.

    7. How will I be communicated with regarding the progress of my child in the ADSIS program?

    At a minimum, your child’s homeroom teacher will communicate at conference time the placement and progress of your child in the ADSIS program. Our goal is to create a more frequent system to share the growth of your child.

    8. Will my child participate in the ADSIS program throughout the entire school year?

    Your child will participate as long as they continue to meet the criteria. We have seen significant growth with students that have exited and we have also seen students make strides that continue to need small group instruction. Our goal is to serve students where they currently present a need.

    9. Who do I contact if I have additional questions about ADSIS?

    All classroom, homeroom teachers can communicate to you regarding the ADSIS program or please feel free to contact Mr. Moch ( or (952) 491-8501) if you have any additional questions.