Hilltop Primary School COVID-19 Safe Learning Plan

  • On Dec. 21, Westonka Public Schools announced the following re-entry timeline for primary school students:

    • January 4-January 15 - Hilltop and Shirley Hills primary school students grades K-4 will continue in the distance learning model through the end of second quarter.
    • January 18 & 19 - No school for grades K-12. Teacher professional days.
    • January 20 - Grades K-4 will return to school in the in-person learning model on Wednesday, January 20. School will be held Monday through Friday with a shortened Friday schedule (12:30 p.m. early release) to accommodate increased teacher preparation time, as required by Executive Order 20-94.
      • Note: The Regional Support Team approved Westonka’s plan to have grades K-4 re-enter school together on January 20, as opposed to introducing grades in a rolling start at the primary level.

    Westonka’s re-entry plans are subject to change if we see significant increases in the spread of COVID-19 in our community after Winter Break. Westonka’s District Support Team has a follow-up consultation scheduled with our Regional Support Team on January 13 to review the latest health data and to confirm the safety of our re-entry plans. Any required changes to this plan will be communicated later that day.

    Please read the Dec. 21, 2020 Borg Report for more details

    The Hilltop COVID-19 Safe Learning Plan web pages provide an overview of the school's plans for all three educational models outlined by the state—hybrid learning, distance learning and in-person learning. Check back often, as these pages will continue to be updated regularly.