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Hilltop Science Fair Sparks Imagination

Hilltop Science Fair 2021

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April 15, 2021 — The Hilltop Primary School Science Fair on April 8 provided an opportunity for 75 young scientists to present projects on everything from water dynamics to the DNA of a strawberry to how the heart works. Using a creative approach, parents signed up for a time slot to watch their child’s presentation, which kept people spread out and offered a safe and fun event.

“The projects were wonderful this year,” said fourth-grade teacher Craig Schmidt. “We saw some of the best imagination, creativity and quality we’ve ever seen.”

A total of 18 winners received trophies or medals, although all participants received a certificate and a ribbon. The K-2 overall winner was second-grader Collin Brown, who presented a project on comparing hand sanitizer effectiveness. The 3-4 overall winner was fourth-grader Louisa Johnson, whose project on dog saliva measured its impact on bacteria and viruses and how that might help fight COVID-19.

“Overall it was an outstanding school day of presentations and judging by staff members and high school students who volunteered to help judge, followed by an amazing night of science fair fun,” said Schmidt.