Hybrid Learning Model

  • In the hybrid learning model, schools must operate in a reduced capacity (50%) and ensure 6 feet social distancing in the school building. Students alternate between in-person and remote/online instruction during the week. All students will participate in distance learning on Fridays.

    Each household will be assigned an A day or B day on which students will attend school in person. On opposite days, students will participate in distance learning. In general, students will be split alphabetically between the A and B groups:

    • Last names A-K: A Group
    • Last names L-Z: B Group

    All students living in the same household, regardless of last name, will follow the same hybrid schedule. Some students receiving English Learner (EL) services or Special Education services may qualify for additional days on-site. Schools will follow the same hybrid schedule throughout the year, including on shortened weeks. 

    • Group A students attend school in person on Mondays and Wednesdays with teacher-facilitated remote learning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
    • Group B students attend school in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays with teacher-facilitated remote learning on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    • Distance Only students have teacher-facilitated remote learning Monday-Friday.

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Hybrid Learning at Shirley Hills

  • Health & Safety Protocols

    • Shirley Hills will follow all Health & Safety Protocols outlined by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Shirley Hills families can expect:
      • Adhere to strict 6 foot social distancing policy
      • Masks required for students and staff
      • Self-screening reminders sent home and posted
      • Students/staff screened by nurse when needed
      • Social distancing reminders posted around school
      • Students encouraged to bring their own water bottles as opposed to using drinking fountains. Bottle refill stations will be available.
      • Masks required for students and staff. Masks and lanyards (to avoid setting down/mixing up) will be provided by school
      • No sharing of school supplies where possible
      • Staggered dismissal times for bus students and pod areas for pick up students
      • Distancing during lunch- no more than four per table
      • Hallway transitions with safety of students in mind
      • Dividers between student learning spaces


    • Distance Learning coordinator position will assist with distance learning experience
    • Classroom teachers will provide lessons at school and in person with the routine practice to be done at home during that student’s distance learning day.
    • Morning Meeting and SEL curriculum will be taught live to all members of the classroom in person or through Zoom.


    • Students will go directly to classrooms after arriving to school on the bus. 
    • When dropping off we ask that students arrive on time, not early or late.

    Food Service

    • Students will have a breakfast option each day
    • Students will utilize a grab and go option for lunch each day
    • Students will eat in their classrooms or in the lunchroom depending on spacing options 

    Mental Health and Wellness

    • All classes and students will continue with our Social Emotional Learning plan including Second Step Curriculum, PBIS Positive Behavior Expectations and Character Education focused on bully prevention.
    • Recess will continue as we know children need to run, play and socialize. Playground groups will adhere to our pod structure and will play in designated areas separate from the other pods.


    • Adventure Club will be offered on site for Tier 1 families and all others based on availability.


    • All students will have an iPad available for use for a 1:1 experience. 
    • Students will transport their iPads daily between home and school.