Westonka Foodies 2020 Summer Feeding Plan

Starting June 8th!  Monday – Friday (Please note meals will not be served June 1-5th)

We encourage all children under 19 years old to participate and here are some reasons why:

  • They are FREE
  • It extends your food budget and saves you time preparing breakfast and lunch
  • It’s comforting & familiar to your kids to have food from school
  • It’s confidential & not just for low income people
  • You’re helping the Westonka Foodservice program to stay financially afloat
  • You’re helping the Westonka Foodservice program employees stay employed throughout the summer
  • USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is covering the cost of these meals
  • You’re not taking it away from someone who needs it more

Breakfast and Lunch will be handed out at the same time.  Breakfast will consist of a grain or grain and protein plus a juice and milk.  Lunch will consist of a grain, protein, fruit or vegetable, and a milk.  We will not be posting a menu to allow the cooks flexibility in the meals each day.  Lunches will be similar to school meals we’ve always served.  No need to pre-order meals!


View the Summer Feeding 2020 full page document here