Revised: Nov. 13, 2023


The purpose of this policy is to set standards for the use and care of the district’s technology devices and hardware by staff and students.


Because of the high value, desirability, and portability of technology devices and hardware, the proper use and care of the district’s technology is the responsibility of both students and all district employees. This policy provides guidelines to follow on the proper use of the district’s technology devices and hardware.

All district-owned technology devices and hardware are the property of the Westonka Public Schools.


  1. Technology purchased by PTA, Westonka Foundation, school-related organizations and/or grants received by the district is the property of the school district.
  2. District technology devices and hardware (desktops / laptops / tablets/ monitors/ mobile carts/ printers/ projectors/ smartboards / interactive flat panels / TVs / Apple TV / document cameras / network equipment) will be given an asset tag and recorded in a centralized asset management program that tracks the location and years of service for each technology device and piece of hardware.
  3. In the event of damage/loss that occurs to district technology devices by student use, current practices implemented by school sites as indicated in school handbooks will be followed to rectify the situation. See AR 6260
  4. If damage or loss occurs to technology devices assigned to preschool, elementary, middle school and high school students, the procedures, insurance options and fees used to repair or replace a technology device will be followed as stated in AR 6260
  5. In the event of damage/loss that occurs outside the normal operational use (intentional or careless damage/loss), the employee will be responsible for hardware repair and /or replacement. 
  6. If technology devices are used by Westonka staff over the summer months and/or outside of school hours, the care of the device is the responsibility of the staff using the device. The device will be inspected for any obvious damage or defects, notable items will be recorded and damage/repairs fees may be assessed as needed.
  7. Technology within a building may be utilized by the Community Education Department for course offerings at times when the equipment is not scheduled for use by students or school district staff. The Director of Community Education or designee shall be responsible to ensure proper use of the technology and repair or replacement of any technology equipment whenever they are utilized by Community Education. Technology equipment is not to be transported between buildings.

Adopted: August 18, 2014