Swim lessons - Summer 2020

Swim Lessons Update Summer 2020

After much consideration our Community Education Team has decided that all group swimming lessons scheduled for the summer of 2020 will be cancelled due to COVID-19.  We have exhausted all options in trying to find a way to provide group lessons while following the safe distancing and protective guidelines from the MDH and the CDC. While we know that this is disappointing to all, it is our top priority to keep our instructors, participants, and their families safe. All families will receive a full refund. 
As an alternative to group swim lessons we will be offering individual instruction for swim lessons this summer.  This will allow us to follow the MDH and CDC recommended safe distancing and protective guidelines. 

These lessons will take place in a one to one or one to two (must be family members and have similar skill level) learning situation with no more than six participants in the pool along with their assigned instructors at one time. As instructors will provide instruction, direction, & demonstrations while observing current safe distancing and protective guidelines, they will not be in close physical contact with participants. Please note: Swimmers who require support while in the water must have a parent or responsible adult in the pool with them.  Each 30-minute lesson will be held Monday through Thursday for two week blocks: June 15 - 25, July 6 - 16, and July 27 - August 6.

You are currently able to register for this new format on line at www.westonkace.org  or by calling our office at 952.491.8040. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter and very much look forward to starting group lessons again in 2021.