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Shirley Hills Students Enjoy Super Team Day

Shirley Hills Students Enjoy Super Team Day
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May 23, 2023 — While the temperature wasn’t exactly warm last Friday, it wasn’t raining, and the result was a great day for Shirley Hills Primary School students and staff to spend time outdoors for Super Team Day.

Field days are an end-of-year ritual for many primary school students, and Shirley Hills’ event really emphasizes team and cooperative activities. From opening ceremonies to a variety of games, relays and races, Shirley Hills students enjoyed a great day outside.

“We had a super fun day again this year,” said Principal Scott Eidsness. “The kids were so well behaved while participating in several different activities throughout the day.”

Eidsness said while fun, the change in schedule can be hard for some students. “Phy ed teacher Mike Nielsen did such a wonderful job of planning the day with activities that most kids had so much fun they forgot they weren’t on their usual schedule,” he said.

Great feedback from parents and huge smiles from the kids confirmed that the day was a success.