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Anonymous Donor Surprises Shirley Hills Students, Families with Westonka Foodies Angel Fund Donation

November 15, 2022—The Westonka Foodies were contacted last week with the news that an anonymous donor was going to clear all negative meal balances for students at Shirley Hills Primary School.  

“Many of our families continue to struggle financially due to the rising cost of everything, it seems, in our lives right now,” said Westonka Food and Nutrition Services Director Laura Metzger. “This donation was a wonderful gift that will hopefully help relieve some financial stress for 22 Shirley Hills families.”

All Westonka Public Schools students can receive breakfast and lunch at school with no questions asked. “At Westonka, we simply allow students to eat so their brains are ready to learn,” Metzger explained. “However, this sometimes means that student meal accounts go into negative balances, and the district needs to make up that cost.”

Several years ago, the district created the Westonka Foodies Angel Fund to assist families that do not qualify for free school meals but need help covering the costs. According to Metzger, for families struggling to pay for school meals, donations to the Angel Fund do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. Metzger said, “Thank you to our most recent generous donor for touching the families at Shirley Hills!”

If you would like to assist in clearing additional negative meal account balances, please consider donating to the Westonka Angel Fund online or contacting Deb Bailey at (952) 491-8088 or


Becca Neuger
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