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MWHS Recognizes Distinguished Students

MWHS honors distinguished students

Front Row: Jack Dahm (11), Carter Nelson (9), Sarah Jenkins (12), Nevaeh Lerfald (8), Ellen Pruitt (8), Michael Larson (9), Gretta Pioske (8). Second Row:  Annabelle Wiskus (11), Haakon Erdahl (9), Megan Larson (12), Christina Shanley (9), Bella Bedell (10), Derek Lloyd (10). Third Row:  Nels Larson (12), Mara Gomez-Gonzalez (12), Kathleen MacDonald (12), Josiah Hagblom (11), Sam Dioszeghy (8), Kathryn Butler (9), Henry Metcalf (11), Caleb Abernethy (9). Not Pictured:  Seth Anderson (11).
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December 3, 2018 — Mound Westonka High School students who exhibited outstanding effort, citizenship and academic achievement for the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year were honored at the Distinguished Student Breakfast at the high school Nov. 29. 

Instead of recognizing quarterly honorees as in the past, MWHS teachers are now asked to name a distinguished student in each broad subject area for each grade level in each semester, or twice per school year. The next breakfast will be held April 19.

These students and their parents are invited to a breakfast, where each teacher's nomination is read to the group and each student is introduced. This long-time tradition is planned and hosted by a faculty committee. Photos of the honored students are housed in the display case near the north doors of the high school for the next quarter.

Honored at the Nov. 29 breakfast were eighth-graders Sam Dioszeghy, Global Studies; Nevaeh Lerfald, English 8; Gretta Pioske, Eighth-Grade Seminar; and Ellen Pruitt, Advanced English 8; and ninth-graders Caleb Abernethy, Intro to Marketing; Kathryn Butler, Algebra 2X; Haakon Erdahl, Physical Education; Michael Larson, PE 8; Carter Nelson, English 9; and Christina Shanley, Drawing II and Painting I.

Also recognized were sophomores Bella Bedell, Ceramics III; and Derek Lloyd, Biology; juniors Seth Anderson, English 11; Jack Dahm, WTI/Computer Science; Josiah Hagblom, Algebra 2; Henry Metcalf, World History; and Annabelle Wiskus, Advanced World History; and seniors Mara Gomez-Gonzalez, Physics; Sarah Jenkins, Student Aide; Megan Larson, Student Aide; Nels Larson, Strength and Conditioning; and Kathleen MacDonald, AP Literature.

Congratulations to these hard-working students!