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GMS PTO Fundraiser - You Can Still Donate!

Dear GMS families,

Navigating a pandemic has impacted every facet of our lives, including our kids and school in countless ways.  One thing that has not changed however, is the importance of education in the lives of our kids.   Our goal as a PTO is to do everything we can to continue to support our kids and our school so that the middle school experience is the best it can be.  Fundraising is a big part of our goal, but fundraising in a pandemic is incredibly difficult so this year we decided to try something a little different.   


Our goal is to keep our fundraiser simple, our goal modest, and to ask as little of families and local businesses as possible.  Simply said, there is nothing to buy, nothing to sell and no doors to knock on.  Instead, we are asking for a straight donation.  Our goal is $15,000 (roughly $25 / student) which will go towards those experiences that make the middle school experience at GMS the best it can be:

  • 5th Grade WEB Orientation
  • 6th Grade Retreat
  • 7th Grade Graduation
  • Classroom Supplies
  • Student Incentives and Prizes
  • Scholarships for field trips
  • Playground equipment 
  • Teacher appreciation events

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated, and 100% of your donation will go directly back to the school.

You can donate by sending a check to school payable to GMS PTO, Venmo (username is GMS-PTO) or via  Paypal by November 10th


Our hope is that if we meet our goal we do not need to plan an additional fundraiser this year. If we meet our goal, we will celebrate by students covering Mr.David and Mrs.Zachow in sundae toppings!  A donation receipt is provided. Thank you!!!!


_____ $25: Please don’t make me bake anything- here’s the money I would have spent on late night cupcakes.


_____ $50: Please don’t make me ask friends, family or co-workers to buy cookie dough, wrapping paper or candles.  This covers my donation and a classmate’s donation.


_____ $75: Please don’t make me keep track of my child’s reading, walking or running- I don’t want to do anything ending with a ‘thon’.


____ $100: Please don’t count on me for anything else. Consider this “hush” money for you to “forget" my name (except to speak kindly of me).


 ______(other amount): I am making this donation out of gratitude for not having to do a fundraiser of any sort and to be able to just fill in this form with my attached check.


_____ I am not averse to doing fundraisers; in fact, sign me up to be in charge of running this later if we don’t make our goal! 


Thank you for your support!   We appreciate it! -GMS PTO


501(c)(3) Donation Receipt

Grandview Middle School PTO


Date: October 2020


Mailing Address: 1881 Commerce Blvd.  Mound, MN  55364


EIN:  03-0505665


Thank you for your donation of $______________________________ in cash to Grandview Middle School PTO.

This form, when signed below by an officer of the Parent Group, will serve as your tax-deductible receipt. The Parent Group is a federally recognized section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Values of donated items have been set by the donor and not verified by the Parent Group. We have not provided you with any goods or services in exchange for your donation.


Christy Zachow Kathy Pruitt

Grandview Middle School Principal Grandview Middle School PTO President