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Grandview Students Attend Math Day at the Minnesota Zoo

Grandview Students Attend Math Day at the Minnesota Zoo

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November 13, 2019 — African penguins can eat enough fish each day to equal 15 percent of their body weight. If an 8-pound penguin already ate its morning meal of a half-pound of fish, how many pounds of fish will the keepers still need to feed him in the afternoon? Over 375 Grandview Middle School sixth- and seventh-grade students, along with 30 staff and parent chaperones, discovered the answer to that question and many others at Math Day at the Minnesota Zoo on Nov. 7.

Math Day is designed to inspire students in grades K-7 to learn more about how math is applied in the zoo workplace and to the world beyond, where animals live in their natural habitats. At both professional and student-led activity stations, students solved grade-appropriate math problems related to a wide variety of animal issues, exhibit upkeep and everyday life at the zoo.

The students traveled in groups through various stations, where they answered specific math questions about the exhibits or animals in the exhibit. Students exercised their critical thinking and problem solving skills outside of the classroom in real-life situations. The problems are aligned with Minnesota State Math Standards and are designed to help students understand why learning math is important and that it can be fun.

Back to that penguin question, the penguin will need to eat seven-tenths of a pound of fish in the afternoon. Ask a Grandview sixth-grader if you want to know how to figure that out.