World's Best Workforce Achievement Goals

  • By aligning district initiatives and plans to the 2014-2019 strategic goals, Westonka has been able to achieve positive results in the key areas of the World’s Best Workforce. In particular, the objectives established under Westonka Public Schools Strategic Goal 1 (Personalize learning to improve student achievement across all levels E-12) led to achievement in the areas of kindergarten readiness, third grade literacy, college and career readiness, closing the achievement gap and improving the graduation rate.

    There are five main objectives for Goal 1 of the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan:

    1. Maintain safe, healthy, supportive and welcoming learning environments focused on inspiring and engaging students
    2. Implement district frameworks—Professional Learning Communities, the Edge21 Technology Plan and the 21st century college/career readiness plan—to facilitate school improvement
    3. Personalize instruction for each student, maximizing interests and abilities and creating ownership and independence
    4. Offer high-quality, competitive educational, extracurricular and community programming
    5. Effectively use assessments and data to ensure student preparation and success in higher education