All Students in Third Grade Achieve Grade-Level Literacy

  • Westonka has developed a systematic reading intervention program. As a part of this process, standardized reading assessment measures have been developed. These benchmarks include oral fluency, comprehension and reading level. The district’s goal is that K-3 students (combined) will meet the following targets by the end of the school year:

    • 90% meet their oral reading fluency benchmark
    • 90% meet their comprehension benchmark (grades 1-3 only)
    • 90% meet their guided reading level benchmark

    Hilltop and Shirley Hills primary schools grades K-3 combined results for the 2017-2018 school year:

    • Oral Reading Fluency Proficiency: 83.1%
    • Comprehension Proficiency: 89.8%
    • Guided Reading Level Proficiency: 75.5%