GATES Primary School Enrollment Criteria

  • How would my student be identified as eligible to receive gifted and talented services?

    • Ability testing when appropriate
    • Achievement test scores
    • Teacher recommendations

    Approximately 7%-10% of Westonka students meet the criteria for receiving gifted and talented services.

    Grade K-2 Enrichment for students
    Students involved in the K-2 Enrichment program focus on creative and critical thinking skills.

    Grade 3 and 4 Math Acceleration for GATES students
    For students meeting GATES math eligibility requirements in grade 3, the GATES math program will accelerate the regular math program so students will finish the grade 5 math curriculum by the end of grade 4. GATES students who successfully complete the program will then enroll in the advanced math track at Grandview Middle School at the start of grade 5.

    In the event that a child does not meet the GATES math eligibility requirements entering into grade 3, the child will have the option to be screened for the grade 5 accelerated math class during the spring of their grade 4 school year.

    Grade 3 and 4 Reading Enrichment for GATES students
    Students involved in the Grade 3 and 4 Reading Enrichment program focus on interpreting and evaluating literature. Students will read and discuss above grade-level novels, short stories and poetry. There will also be a focus on persuasive writing and vocabulary development which includes the WordMasters Challenge.