WAC COVID-19 Updates

  • Per the Governor's Executive Order 20-103, the Westonka Activity Center will re-open on Saturday, December 19, 2020 and resume regular hours. However, the opening comes with a few new guidelines and procedures. We understand these new updates may not be convenient for everyone, but I can assure you we are doing everything we can to follow the guidance of the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC.

    The health and safety of our members and staff has and continues to be our top priority. We appreciate everyone following the policies put in place and we ask for your continued cooperation and assistance in the implementation of the new guidelines to ensure that we can keep our facility open.

    Latest Updates:

    1. The screening and signing in process will remain the same.

    2. The new social distancing guidelines state 12 feet apart when engaging in physical activity, 6 feet apart when idle or standing around. We are still encouraging patrons to NOT gather or hang out in the facility. All patrons utilizing the cardio room must maintain at least two pieces of equipment between themselves and other patrons unless they live in the same residence. 

    3. Masks are required at ALL times, including during physical activity. Anyone not wearing a mask while in the facility will be asked to leave.

    4. Fitness classes will resume on Monday, January 4th with a capacity of 9 patrons + 1 instructor in Fitness Studio. Classes can have a capacity of 24 patrons + 1 instructor if they are utilizing the gymnasium.

    5. The pool is set to reopen on Monday, January 11th.

    6. Locker Rooms will remain open with the exception of the Universal Changing Rooms...they will stay closed until January 11th.

    7. No preorganized activity is allowed in the gym until January 4th.


    Please continue to check back as we will update our procedures as we receive new guidance.