Welcome Back from District Nurse Kelly Mattson

  • September 2, 2020

    Hello! My name is Kelly Mattson, and I am the District Nurse and COVID-19 Health Coordinator for Westonka Public Schools. I want to welcome you to what we’re all striving for: a safe and healthy school year! I also want to provide you with information, tips and great resources to help your family prepare for the start of school.

    Daily Self-Screening: This year, we are asking families to be extra vigilant in monitoring your student for illness in order for our schools to remain open. All students who will be learning in person will conduct a daily required self-screen at home (series of questions). The health check consists of checking for temperature or cough before attending school, as well as asking routine questions as suggested by the Minnesota Department of Health and CDC: Daily Self-Screening Checklist. It’s critically important that if your student replies yes to any of the screening questions, they stay home and do not come to school.

    Face Masks: One item on many minds right now is masks. Per the Governor's Executive Order 20-81, all K-12 students and staff will be required to wear a cloth face mask or face covering in schools and on buses this year, unless they have a disability, medical or mental health condition (requires a physician's note).

    I know our students are so adaptable; they have already proven that to us during this pandemic. Please make sure your students have comfortable masks and an extra supply with them every day, in case they get soiled by a sneeze, cough, spilled water, food, etc. Check out this great resource from the CDC: How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Mask. Schools and buses will have extra masks as well, but we want to make sure students are wearing masks that they are familiar with and comfortable in. 

    Please also make sure cloth masks are washed after every use - this will help keep your student healthy. Masks can be hand washed with soap and water, or thrown in with other laundry for a machine wash. 

    • Face Shields: Face shields may be used in addition to a face mask, and should generally not be used as a replacement for a face mask. A face shield is primarily used for eye protection for the person wearing it. Face shields may be used as an alternative to a face mask/covering among students in grades K-8 when wearing a face covering is problematic (requires a physician's note or determined by the school). All schools have a supply of face shields for students.

    Water Bottles: Please make sure to send a water bottle with your student every day. It is always important to stay hydrated, and this year it is especially important. There are plenty of water stations throughout each campus to refill empty bottles. Drinking fountains are cleaned at least once a day. 

    Isolation Areas: I want to assure you that each campus has its own room designated and separate from others if students become sick during the school day. We kindly ask that you arrive within an hour of being called to pick up your child if they become ill. Every nurse office also has a separate area designated for our usual tasks, like administering medications and helping our students with chronic health needs. 

    Annual Health Forms: Every year, we ask you to provide your school nurse with the appropriate documents if your child has any health condition, especially asthma, severe allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, or is in need of receiving any medication during the school day. Find the Health Services Forms on our website. Please ask your school nurse or health care provider for any forms not listed and contact them if you have questions. Remember, these forms need to be filled out every year for your student. Thank you!

    Immunizations: Immunizations continue to be required for your child to attend school. Please have your provider send current immunization status for your child or have the Immunization Form signed and notarized and return to your school nurse. 

    Helpful Resources: Here are some helpful health-related resources to assist you in navigating this school year: 

    School Nurse Contact Info:

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We're excited to welcome students back to school!


    Kelly Mattson BSN, RN, LSN
    District School Nurse
    Westonka Public Schools
    (P) 952-491-8104
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  • Minnesota Dept. of Health
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    Kelly Mattson
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    COVID-19 Health Coordinator
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