Hybrid Learning Plan

  • As directed by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), schools in the hybrid model must limit the overall number of people in school facilities and on transportation vehicles to 50% maximum occupancy. Schools must also ensure sufficient social distancing in the school building with at least 6 feet between people at all times.

    Meals will be available to students for distance learning days. Visit the Westonka Foodies page for more details.

    Westonka’s hybrid learning model incorporates best practices of blended learning instruction. In-person teacher instruction is blended with the use of technology tools to provide opportunities for deeper student engagement and learning.

Learning Together

  • For Westonka schools operating in the hybrid model, each household will be assigned an A day or B day on which students will attend school in person. On opposite days, students will participate in distance learning.

    • Group A students attend school in person on Mondays and Wednesdays with teacher-facilitated remote learning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
    • Group B students attend school in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays with teacher-facilitated remote learning on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    Schools will follow the same hybrid schedule throughout the year, including on shortened weeks. For example, the first day of school is Tuesday, Sept. 8, and will be a B day.

    Friday Distance Learning for All: All students in the hybrid model will participate in distance learning on Fridays. On Friday distance learning days, students can expect some or all of the following:

    • Online check-ins
    • Independent work time
    • Project-based activities
    • Live or pre-recorded instruction and tutorials
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Hybrid Schedule

Hybrid Schedule

Hybrid Day Assignments

  • In general, students will be split alphabetically between the A and B groups:

    • Last names A-K: A Group
    • Last names L-Z: B Group

    All students living in the same household, regardless of last name, will follow the same hybrid schedule. If your household includes students who fall into different hybrid groups based on their last names, you should have received an email with your household's hybrid day assignment. If you do not believe you received the email, please contact your child's school.

    Some students receiving English Learner (EL) services or Special Education services may qualify for additional days on-site. Case managers will connect with families to develop individual plans.

Hybrid Teaching & Learning

    • Relationship Focus: The first few weeks will have a strong focus on building relationships, identifying learning gaps, and helping students feel engaged and connected to their school.
    • Live Interactions: On distance learning days, students will have regular opportunities to experience live instruction, support and collaboration with peers
    • Distance Learning Coordinator: A coordinator at each building will serve as a contact person for parents to streamline the distance learning experience
    • Technology Tools: Classrooms have been analyzed and reviewed to ensure they are equipped with proper technologies to effectively support instruction and student learning.
      • District will be outfitting classrooms with additional:
        • sound amplification systems
        • external cameras and microphones for live streaming
      • Schools will implement strategic use of current devices and technologies to deliver instruction to all students in-person and in distance learning

Distance Only Option

  • We understand that fully in-person or hybrid learning may not be what’s best for every student and family. A Distance Only Option will be available to enrolled students who may be medically vulnerable or who are otherwise unwilling to return to in-person learning.

    Families choosing 100% distance learning through Westonka Public Schools will be asked to commit to this model on a quarterly basis. Distance Only registration for quarter 4 will be open in Skyward Family Access March 1-10.

    Learn more about Westonka's Distance Only Option 

Health & Safety Protocols

  • Health and safety of students and staff is at the forefront of our work, and Westonka Public Schools continues to utilize the most up-to-date guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

    Recommendations for safety protocols are expected to be continuously evolving and the protocols below will be modified as needed based on current guidance, research and best practices.

    MDH Expands COVID-19 Testing Options for Students, Families

    COVID-19 Testing for Kids & Families MDH strongly recommends that all school-age youth returning to school, sports, or extracurricular activities, and their families, get tested for COVID-19 at least every two weeks through the end of the school year. While it is not a requirement, regular testing complements other safety measures already in place, such as masking and social distancing, and can help keep schools open and sports operating, and ensure we are limiting the spread of COVID-19.

    Westonka students are now able to send their Vault-at-Home tests back to the lab through their schools if they do not have easy access to a UPS Dropbox. How this works:

    • Students or families order COVID-19 tests through the Vault-at-Home program (remember tests are offered at no cost to Minnesota residents).
    • Students complete their test at home.
    • Students seal their sample tube and place it in the biohazard bag. The biohazard bag then gets sealed in the shipping bag that came with the test. The shipping label sticker is attached to the bag.
    • Students bring their sealed shipping bag with the shipping label to their school’s health specialist during school hours on a designated onsite testing day. Upcoming drop-off dates:
      • Monday, March 15
      • Monday, April 5
      • Monday, April 19
      • Monday, May 3
      • Monday, May 17

    To help students comply with MDH’s bi-weekly testing guidance and use at-home tests as a screening tool:

    • Students should test on the same schedule as staff (a specific day every other week).
    • Students will need to have a Vault-at-Home kit on hand at home to complete and bring to school on staff testing day.
    • Once students receive notice that their sample is being processed at the lab, they can order another Vault-at-Home kit for the next screening day.

Prevention Practices

  • Staying Home When Sick

  • Daily Self-Screening

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Handwashing & Hygiene

  • Social Distancing

School Safety Practices

  • District COVID-19 Health Coordinator

  • School COVID-19 Coordinators

  • Staff Training

  • Visitors and Volunteers

  • Large Group Gatherings

  • Transportation

  • Arrival and Dismissal

  • Social Distancing Reminders

  • Classroom Seating

  • Healthy Hygiene Reminders

  • Food Service

  • Passing Times

  • Lockers

  • School Materials

  • Water Fountains

  • Ventilation

  • Recess

  • Alternate Learning Spaces

  • CARES Act Funding for Additional Safety Measures