Important Dates & Local Activities

  • Free Personal Wellness Profile ends 12/18

    Top 10 Reasons to Complete your Health Risk Assessment (Personal Wellness Profile®)

    10.  You can complete it in your pajamas!

    9.  It takes less than 20 minutes and you will receive your individual report immediately online.

    8.   It is NOT a test!

    7.  You will be setting a baseline and then each year the Health Risk Assessment will track how you progress from year to year with your health habits.  Think of it as an annual report card for your health!

    6.  You can share your results with your doctor for further guidance.

    5.  A Health Risk Assessment can help you identify health problems BEFORE they happen – and avoid unnecessary medical expenses.  

    4.  It is confidential.  AdvantageHealth is the third party contracted to administer the Health Risk Assessment.  None of your personal health information will be shared with your employer. Your employer will only receive group data (de-identified, aggregated reports).  

    3.  It is free!

    2.  If you know your biometric data (i.e. cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure), you can type that into your Health Risk Assessment for a more complete report. 

    1. Understanding how your current lifestyle and daily habits affect your health is important!  A Health Risk Assessment can help you recognize what you are doing well and identify areas for improvement.


    Create a Personal Wellness Profile Here


    Chair Massages for Westonka Staff December 5 - December 19. 

    A Wellness Ambassador from each building has sent out an email for your building providing the dates and times to sign up for a 10-minute time slot.


    Family Fun in the Cold

    Family Fun Activities

    Places to sled and snow tube


    32nd Annual Reindeer Run - Minneapolis


    Christmas Day - Joyful 5k (14th Annual)

    Christmas Day Joyful 5K - Maple Grove


    Other fun things to do in the area:

    Check out the events and outdoor activities in the Three Rivers Park District Parks

    Local parks with trails for walking and XC skiing near Mound:

    Kingswood Park

    Carver Park Reserve



2019-2020 Westonka Wellness Committee Meeting Dates

  • September 20

    October 25 

    November 15

    December 13 

    January 24

    February 21

    March 13

    April 17

    May 15