Westonka Foodies Concessions

  • Westonka Foodies has a variety of concession rental options available; MWHS Lower, MWHS Upper, Haddorff Field House, and the White Hawks Express Food Truck. Each option holds differing license requirements.

    Community groups or individuals that want to use district food service facilities or equipment must submit their requests through the Westonka Food Service program. Direct questions can be submitted to metzgerl@westonka.k12.mn.us.

    Community groups or individuals that choose not to utilize district food services facilities and or equipment must request their own license through Hennepin County. The information for the request can be found online here: https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/business/licenses-permits/documents/regular-short-term-food-license-app-2019.pdf?la=en&hash=850733B2E930A5108494E1D6FD96FAFB0971CD44. Cost is $60.00 for the initial license.

    All outside food/beverage must be purchased from a licensed and inspected distributor. Food prepared in a non licensed kitchen and sold at an event must be clearly labeled and easily identifiable to the customer. All Minnesota Department of Health standards and regulations must be followed during facility use. If unwrapped food is being sold, hats/hair nets must be worn and gloves must be used when handling ready to eat foods.

    No outside equipment can be used unless certified NSF approved. In addition, outside electrical equipment may cause the circuit boards to overload and therefore problems in the building/stand.

    When using Westonka Facilities, please respect all spaces within the school and remember to clean up after your group. Vending machines are to remain on and uncovered or your group will be assessed an additional charge of $50 per day plus the cost of any lost product due to non-refrigeration.

    Class I User Group: School and/or ISD 277 sponsored activities and events. Booster groups and PTO/PTA meetings, Community Education programs, activities and events.

    Class II User Groups: Local community athletic associations and other non school community groups (such as scouts, 4-H, Chamber of Commerce, VFW, American Legion, etc.) .

    Class III User Groups: Individuals, private agencies, companies or vendors that use facilities for commercial purposes or profit. Out of district athletic associations.

    Fee Schedule:
    Renting of the physical space only (no equipment, no product)
    Class I (non profit) - $30.00
    Class I (profit driven) & II - $50.00
    Class III - $250

    Renting of the equipment plus physical space (no product)
    Class I & II - $75.00
    Class III - $250

    Renting of the equipment, physical space, and use of Westonka food/beverage product
    Class I & II - $100.00 - plus the cost of product
    Class III - $250 - plus the cost of product

    Cost of product:
    Frozen 16 inch pizza - $8.00
    12 oz sodas - $0.60
    20 oz Gatorade - $1.20
    20 oz water - $0.60
    Popcorn kit - $6.00 (makes 8 boxes)
    Candy bars - $1.00
    Ring pops - $0.35
    Air heads - $0.20
    50 cups coffee - $30.00
    50 cups hot chocolate - $30.00
    50 cups hot cider - $30.00

    Please inquire about other options.

    RENTAL FEE INCLUDES: Three compartment sink, hand washing station, maintenance of concession stand & equipment, dish soap & sanitize-solution, cleaning rags, serving utensils (pizza cutter, tongs, popcorn scoop), food temp gauge & log, napkins, serving boats, gloves, hair nets, concession sign board. etc.

    Westonka Foodies is required to license District concession stands as required by MN Department of Health which requires annual licensing fees, training for those using concessions to ensure food safety. A part of the rental fee helps to supplement these costs.


    Please contact Laura Metzger (952) 491-8084 or metzgerl@westonka.k12.mn.us with questions or to schedule a rental/reservation.


  • Westonka Foodies
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